Oberon is surrounded by interesting villages and National Parks. Jenolan Caves, Kanangra Boyd National Park, Blue Mountains National Park and Abercrombie River National Park are in the shire and contain spectacular scenery. Oberon can be used as a base from which to undertake day trips to the various villages and attractions within the region.

Located less than 30km from Oberon, Jenolan has the most spectacular and best-known Limestone caves in Australia. They are world renowned and have been open to the public for over 150 years. These caves are believed to have been first explored by European settlers in 1838. There are 9 richly decorated show caves open for public viewing every day of the year. The duration of the guided tour of each show cave is from 1 to 2 hours

The township of Oberon lies at the heart of a natural wonderland, rich in magnificent landscapes that can be enjoyed to their fullest with exploration and adventures. Oberon is encircled by world class National Parks, spectacular ancient escarpments and caves, and abundant opportunities to become enveloped in nature.